Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alyssa is a little bit nuts.

But who am I to talk? (Do I have to talk about myself in the third person? Who is Gillian to talk?) I, Gillian, am already thinking about how to find and squirrel away nuts for our homestead next fall, because there won't be any nuts to harvest until the middle of our three-month adventure. But I think that we can do just fine without coffee and alcoholic beverages. I don't like them much anyway, plus I have plenty of homemade herbal tea! Dried mint, lemon balm, rose petals, and blackberry leaves, and lemon verbena when I can get it. Although, if we make some hard apple cider, I can further ferment it into apple cider vinegar, and that would be useful...

My main concern is getting our greenhouse finished so I can bring home a Meyer lemon tree to plant in it. And ordering my yuzu tree from One Green World with the gift certificate Kimber gave me for my birthday. Yuzu trees are supposed to be hardy down to 10 degrees, and I can't remember a time it's been colder than that in Portland, can you? But if you can really grow citrus in Portland, why haven't I seen anyone doing it?

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